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Our 2-day Apache Kafka training course offers a complete dive into this distributed streaming platform. Participants will explore fundamental concepts such as publish/subscribe, data streams, and high availability. With hands-on sessions, they'll learn how to configure, deploy and manage Kafka clusters, as well as develop real-time streaming applications.

Day 1: Introduction to Apache Kafka

  • Introduction to data streaming concepts
  • Kafka architecture: producers, consumers, brokers
  • Kafka installation and configuration
  • Managing topics and partitions

Day 2: Application development with Kafka

  • Using the Kafka API to publish and consume messages
  • Implementing replication and high availability
  • Integrating Kafka with other technologies (Spark, Storm)
  • Case study: development of a real-time streaming application

Developers, software architects, systems engineers and IT professionals interested in data streaming technologies and the implementation of real-time processing solutions.

Basic knowledge of programming and operating systems. Previous experience with messaging systems or streaming technologies is a plus.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of data streaming and the role of Kafka in this architecture.
  • Configure and manage Kafka clusters to ensure reliability and high availability.
  • Develop real-time streaming applications using the Kafka API.
  • Integrate Kafka with other technologies to build robust and scalable data pipelines.

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