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Our 2-day Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Human Resources training course is designed to provide HR professionals with the skills they need to integrate AI into their processes. Participants will learn how to use AI to automate administrative tasks, improve recruitment, manage talent and analyze HR data to make informed decisions. The training course combines theoretical sessions and practical workshops to ensure concrete application of the concepts learned.

Day 1: Introduction to AI and HR applications

  • Introduction to the fundamental concepts of AI
  • AI applications in Human Resources
  • Using AI for recruitment: CV sorting, automated interviews
  • Analyzing HR data with AI tools

Day 2: Talent management and HR task automation

  • Using AI for performance management and talent retention
  • Automating administrative processes and payroll management
  • Practical case studies: implementing AI solutions in HR processes
  • Preparing for the future: emerging AI trends in HR

HR professionals, HR managers, talent managers and anyone involved in personnel management and HR processes.

No prior knowledge of AI is required. Experience in Human Resources is recommended to maximize the benefits of the training.

At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of AI and its specific applications to Human Resources.
  • Use AI to improve and automate recruitment and talent management processes.
  • Analyze and interpret HR data to make insight-based decisions.
  • Implement AI solutions to optimize the efficiency and performance of HR teams.

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