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Our 2-day Generative AI (GenAI) Training for Project Managers offers a complete immersion in the use of generative AI technologies to improve project management. Participants will discover how these technologies can be applied to optimize processes, improve decision-making and innovate their projects. The course combines theory and practical workshops to ensure a thorough understanding and practical application of the concepts.

Day 1: Introduction to generative AI and project management applications

  • Introduction to generative AI: concepts and technologies
  • Use cases for generative AI in different sectors
  • Integrating generative AI into project management processes
  • Tools and platforms for developing GenAI solutions

Day 2: Practical workshops and implementation

  • Developing basic models with GenAI tools
  • Using generative AI for resource planning and optimization
  • Predictive analysis and automated reporting
  • Practical case study: design and implementation of a project using GenAI

Project managers, department heads, product managers and professionals wishing to integrate generative AI into their project management practices.

Basic knowledge of project management and digital technologies. Previous understanding of basic AI concepts is a plus, but not mandatory.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of generative AI and its applications in project management.
  • Identify opportunities for applying generative AI to optimize project processes.
  • Use generative AI tools to improve planning, resource management and decision-making.
  • Design and implement innovative project management solutions incorporating generative AI technologies.

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