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The inter-company training on Google Data Studio is designed to help professionals leverage the features of this powerful reporting and data visualization platform. During this one-day training, participants will acquire the necessary skills to create interactive and visually appealing reports using data from various sources.

Session 1: Introduction to Google Data Studio

  • Introduction to Google Data Studio and its key features.
  • Understand the benefits of using Google Data Studio for data visualization.
  • Set up and familiarize with the Google Data Studio interface.

Session 2: Connecting data sources

  • Import data from different sources (Google Sheets, Google Analytics, etc.).
  • Configure data connections and automatic refreshes.
  • Manage data access permissions.

Session 3: Creating reports and visualizations

  • Use basic components of Google Data Studio (tables, charts, etc.).
  • Apply filters and segments to analyze data.
  • Add metrics, dimensions, and custom calculations.

Session 4: Customizing reports

  • Customize the appearance of reports with themes and styles.
  • Add logos, images, and annotations to reports.
  • Organize and format report elements for better readability.

Session 5: Sharing and collaboration

  • Share reports with specific users or publicly.
  • Control access and editing permissions for reports.
  • Collaborate with other users in report creation and updates.

This training is aimed at professionals working in the fields of marketing, data analysis, project management, and competitive intelligence. It is also suitable for individuals looking to enhance their skills in report creation and data visualization using Google Data Studio.

Participants should have a basic understanding of data manipulation and visualization tools. Familiarity with Google tools such as Google Sheets and Google Analytics would be advantageous but is not mandatory.

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of Google Data Studio.
  2. Learn to connect different data sources to Google Data Studio.
  3. Master the features of report creation and data visualization.
  4. Customize reports according to specific needs.
  5. Explore sharing and collaboration options to disseminate reports.
  6. Acquire the skills to analyze data using filtering and manipulation tools.

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