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This training is designed to provide participants with an understanding of Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language and how to write efficient queries to extract data from Microsoft SQL Server databases. The course covers the fundamental concepts of T-SQL, including the SELECT statement, filtering and sorting data, joining tables, grouping and aggregating data, and working with functions and subqueries. Participants will also learn how to work with various data types, and perform basic data manipulation operations.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Transact-SQL
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Retrieving Data with the SELECT Statement
  • Filtering Data with the WHERE Clause
  • Sorting Data with the ORDER BY Clause

Day 2:

  • Joining Tables
  • Working with Functions
  • Using Subqueries
  • Grouping and Aggregating Data
  • Combining Data with Set Operators

This training is suitable for database developers, administrators, and analysts who need to write Transact-SQL queries to extract data from Microsoft SQL Server databases. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of querying data using T-SQL.

Participants should have a basic understanding of database concepts and be familiar with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. They should also have a working knowledge of SQL syntax and be comfortable writing basic SQL queries.

  • Understand the basics of Transact-SQL language 
  • Learn how to write efficient queries to extract data from Microsoft SQL Server databases 
  • Master the SELECT statement and various clauses to filter, sort, and group data 
  • Learn to join multiple tables and combine data from different sources 
  • Work with functions and subqueries to perform complex calculations and analyses 
  • Understand data types and how to perform basic data manipulation operations

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