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Our 2-day NoSQL database training course offers a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and technologies of non-relational storage. Participants will discover the differences between NoSQL and relational databases, use cases, and an overview of leading NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis. This course combines theory and practical workshops to provide an in-depth, applied understanding of NoSQL solutions, responding to today's challenges of managing massive and varied data.

Day 1: Introduction to NoSQL databases

  • Concepts and history of NoSQL databases
  • Comparison with relational databases
  • Challenges and use cases for NoSQL databases
  • Overview of NoSQL database types (key-value, document, column, graph)

Day 2: Overview of NoSQL solutions

  • Introduction to MongoDB: architecture, document manipulation
  • Introduction to Cassandra: architecture, columnar data management
  • Introduction to Redis: architecture, use as a key-value database
  • Case studies and workshops: implementing the solutions presented

Developers, software architects, database administrators and IT professionals wishing to understand and use NoSQL databases.

Basic knowledge of relational databases and programming. Familiarity with data management concepts is recommended.

At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of NoSQL databases and their advantages over relational databases.
  • Identify the appropriate use cases for each type of NoSQL database.
  • Implement and manipulate NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis.
  • Adapt NoSQL solutions to the specific needs of their company.

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