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The inter-company training on OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI - IT Asset Management is designed to provide IT professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively implement and manage an IT asset management system using OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI tools. 

During this 4-day training, participants will learn how to install, configure, and utilize these two renowned open-source software for asset management. They will explore advanced features of each tool and understand how to seamlessly integrate them into their work environment.

Day 1: 

  • Introduction to IT asset management 
  • Overview of OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI 
  • Installation and configuration of OCS Inventory - NG 
  • Data inventory collection 

Day 2: 

  • Utilizing inventory data with OCS Inventory - NG 
  • Installation and configuration of GLPI 
  • Hardware asset management with GLPI 

Day 3: 

  • Software asset management with GLPI 
  • License and maintenance contract management 
  • Task automation with OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI 

Day 4: 

  • Report and dashboard generation 
  • Integration of OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI with other tools 
  • Best practices for IT asset management 
  • Practical exercises and case studies

This training is suitable for IT professionals, including system administrators, IT asset managers, support technicians, network engineers, and anyone involved in IT asset management within a company. Participants should have a basic understanding of computer networks and system administration.

  • Basic knowledge of computer networks 
  • General understanding of system administration 
  • Familiarity with IT asset management concepts would be a plus
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of IT asset management 
  • Master the installation and configuration of OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI 
  • Learn to perform accurate hardware and software inventories 
  • Manage software licenses and maintenance contracts 
  • Acquire skills for automated software deployment 
  • Generate relevant reports and dashboards 
  • Automate IT asset management tasks 
  • Integrate OCS Inventory - NG and GLPI with other tools and systems 
  • Study best practices for efficient IT asset management

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